Blood Metal!

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Lord of the Rings Alphabet
» E is for E N E M I E S

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Today’s Photo
In The Dying Light, Ancient Wonder.
Welcome to Castlerigg Stone Circle, near Keswick, Cumbria. =)
By far and away, this is the most visited stone circle in Cumbria and it’s easy to see why: the site is situated on a high plateau, offering you a 360° view of the mountains surrounding the area, such as Skiddaw, Blencathra and Lonscale Fell.
This was likely built around 3,000BC, there are nearly 40 stones with the tallest being around two metres high. We don’t really know why this was built, but it was likely for religious and ceremonial purposes. Certainly, standing in the centre, with the sun setting, casting deep shadows and setting the sky alight, surrounded by the mountains, it’s a deeply spiritual experience that both me and Lisabet felt keenly. =)

Happy birthday Sergio Busquets!

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He’s the King of Rock N’ Roll

"In the dark without moon or stars a drawn blade gleamed, as if a chill light had been unsheathed."
~ “A Knife in the Dark,” Fellowship of the Ring, p.188